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Your Photographer +
Memory Maker

First of all, THANK YOU for coming to my little corner of the internet.
Photography is my passion and it’s truly an honor and a privilege to do this full time.

Let’s hit rewind real fast and go back to my own wedding. When my husband Seth dropped to one knee, it was like the entire world froze and it was just the two of us for one perfect, serene moment. That’s sort of what I envisioned our wedding would be like, too. Slow, intimate, and uniquely us. 

But if I’m honest, things didn’t work out like that. Though we knew what we wanted, it was difficult to articulate to our friends and family (because it didn’t align with their dreams for us). Eventually, we caved to family pressure and had a large, traditional wedding that left us both exhausted, stressed out, and wishing we’d had advocates on our side to help us create the day we truly wanted.

If I could rewind time I would have a wedding with the 25 closest people in my life, not 250. I’ll be honest with you, I think a lot about the end of that day. Almost everyone had left, and it was just the two of us and our closest family and friends on the dance floor. We got a glimpse of how perfect the day would have been if the invite list would have started out that small in the first place.  On top of that, our wedding ended up being one of the last times we would ever get to be with Seth’s brother Tim. Sometimes it’s frustrating to think about how much time in that day was spent putting on a show for others, instead of making memories with the people we care about the most.

A few things that are super important to me…

The Environment

There is no planet B! Taking care of the environment is super important to me, I took the Leave No Trace (LNT) course for photographers and follow LNT principles whenever exploring outdoors.

Black Lives Matter

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” Diversity and representation are important to me and I can’t be quiet about it.

Marriage Equality

The wedding industry can be super heteronormative, constantly using the terms “Bride and Groom”. Every couple should feel cherished and loved for their authentic selves. All love is love and you are welcome here.

Suicide Prevention

Our life was turned upside down when my husband lost his brother to suicide in 2019. If no one has told you recently. You are good enough, You are loved. Your life matters.

I’m in this for you!.

While you’re soaking up each moment of your big day, I’ll be capturing it all from behind the lens—so those moments you’re cherishing now, will be tangible memories you’ll hold forever. 

From early morning sunrise snuggles to midday mountain top dances and late-night s’mores with two new shiny rings around your fingers—all the little things, the big things, and things that didn’t even feel like things at the time—you’ll have ‘em all in everlasting photo form. 

I believe the best photos happen when you’re fully immersed in the here and now, simply being together as you naturally are. No forced poses or awkward embraces that would never happen in real life. 

I also believe you deserve to be present throughout your whole elopement—so I’ll handle the photos, keep an eye on the time, and pick up the little pieces as we go. You two have one job: simply be.

The light of my life…. my dog LOU

she’s uhhh a lil cray cray

she does doggy yoga

her favorite game is fetch
(she even plays fetch with herself sometimes)

I also love
my husband Seth

He’s the best, second only to Lou

I had a fantastic experience working Bea! She played an active role in shaping the vision of our photos by applying her expertise to the ideas we already had.
We really felt we were in great hands.

Alright, that’s enough about me,
I want to get to know you!